Preparing your break

Here is 8 steps you can take to enjoy that much need vacation away from work without that nagging worry that something will go wrong while your away.


It’s almost towards the end of the year and yet you still have a lot of annual leave to clear and you are feeling exhausted, what’s better than taking a long break for yourself? It’s time for you to reward yourself for all those deadlines you have met, all those targets that you have hit and all those expectations that you have surpassed.

Before you go on a break, there are things to prepare for so that you can leave in peace. Well, you don’t want your boss frantically calling you every night about some file he can’t seem to find or some report he needs to have while you are half way around the world. Do your homework and you will never fear of disturbance while you are sunbathing in your bikini by the hotel’s pool with an ice cold beer.

joey431. Grab a coverer 
Or you may call…

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