Everyone who has a job faces this problem.


I have a friend, a best friend and work mate.  A wonderful, kind woman with everything to offer to the right person.  However, there is one problem.  She is in shackles, and in turn I too am in shackles.  She is imprisoned in her own mind by a man she thinks she desperately loves.  Often, her and other workers come to me with stories of him that don’t seem to make sense.  She can’t quite put these stories of him together, and is led to believe whatever he tells her, and what he tells her is that she should be in bliss and that they have the perfect relationship.  I have heard stories of the fights they have and I tend to lose sleep over them.  I should state that I have heard and know that he is not always truthful with her from stories that are told about what he does behind her back…

From these stories I have done my own investigations and have become enlightened of the situation.  I should have remained ignorant because now I have difficult paths from which to choose.  Do I pretend to remain ignorant and stay in the darkness with her?  Or do I run the risk of losing my place of work and my friendship with her in trying to enlighten her so that we can move out of the cave?  Maybe she wants to remain in the dark.  She once confronted him on some undeniable proofs but, somehow he managed to re-shackle her by dangling promises of fidelity, marriage and a happy future together.  For a brief moment, we were both in the light, enlightened, but now she is back in her shackles, and I must descend back into the darkness, shackled, even how unjust it may be.

She has now become accustomed to the darkness.  Every day, I get to see how the narrow intelligence of this clever rogue uses and manipulates her to comply with his needs.  While, all the while, new stories of infidelities occur, and because of their previous confrontations, he has become that much better at concealing his movements while all the time keeping her in the darkness, shackled.  So how does one who is enlightened get out of the cave?  The easiest way is to confront them both and then just move away.  I would lose my best friend.  The only other thing I can do and the only way I can see myself removing these shackles from her, is if I continue to support her and use indirect avenues to help her turn her head away from him to see the light on her own.


The problem is the Work Mate Always

Looks this Good


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Retired Lt. Comdr Navy

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