Who is Felipe Camacho to Me?

As a True Love
I will guard your deepest
secrets like a precious Gift.

I will always try to replace your frowns
with a smile.  This may not always
succeed, but rarely will I let you down.

I will always be available to you,
and my arms will be open to hold you.
This offer I make of myself is to protect you
 from your fears or you may use them
comfort your falling tears.

I will keep your Love close to my heart and
forever hold your emotions dear.  Even
when we are miles apart and even
when we are near.

 I promise I will never walk away from you
and I will always look out for you,
For this heart of mine dose care and I really
want to make our relationship Last.

For you see Felipe
My only Hope and Dream is that one Day
I am to you everything you are to Me
With a touch of Love from my Heart
to Yours



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Retired Lt. Comdr Navy

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